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It’s time to announce the speakers on the region China! We are honored to welcome to our anniversary event:

Rosemary Gibson

Rosemary Gibson is an American award-winning author and expert in health care and health care reform, Medicare, patient safety, overtreatment medicine and Western dependence on Chinese medicine. Ms. Gibson’s critically acclaimed works include China Rx (2018), Medicare Meltdown (2013), The Battle Over Health Care (2012), Treatment Trap (2010), and Wall of Silence (2003). Currently, Ms. Gibson is Senior Advisor at the Hastings Center, an institution that works to address social and ethical issues in healthcare, science, and technology. Previously, Ms. Gibson led national health care quality and safety initiatives at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. At our event, we are honored to have Ms. Gibson speak about global health and Western dependency from China.

Niels Woudstra

Niels Woudstra is an authority on defense, foreign policy, and military affairs in The Netherlands, with a long military history and qualifications in law and international relations. For nearly 40 years, Mr. Woudstra served as a Captain in The Netherlands Navy before moving to Foreign Affairs. Between 2010 and 2017, Mr. Woudstra served as assistant professor of operational analysis at the Faculty of Military Sciences of the Netherlands Defence Academy. After his time at the Defence Academy, Mr. Woudstra moved to the Netherlands Permanent Representation to NATO where he currently serves as Deputy Head Permanent Military Representation to the European Union and NATO. At our event, we are honored to have Mr. Woudstra speak about China’s non-kinetic tactics, particularly in the South China Sea.

Rogier Creemers

Rogier Creemers is an Assistant Professor in Modern Chinese Studies. With a background in Sinology and Relations, and a PhD in Law, his research focuses on Chinese domestic digital technology policy, as well as China’s growing importance in global digital affairs. He is the principal investigator of the NWO Vidi Project “The Smart State: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Law in China”. For the Leiden Asia Centre, he directs a project on China and global cybersecurity, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is also a co-founder of DigiChina, a joint initiative with Stanford University and New America. At our event, we are honored to have Mr. Creemers speak about China’s growing importance in global digital affairs.

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