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It’s time to announce the speakers on the region Arctic! We are honored to welcome to our anniversary event:

Carola van Rijnsoever

Carola van Rijnsoever is an expert in the fields of sustainability and European politics, particularly geopolitics, with extensive experience in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ms. van Rijnsoever has worked in a variety of positions in her early career, including serving as a European Correspondent in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Representative of the Netherlands to the Political and Security Committee of the EU from 2013 to 2017. Currently, Ms. van Rijnsoever  serves as Director of the Inclusive Green Growth department at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has also been appointed Dutch Arctic Ambassador. At our event, we are honored to have Ms. van Rijnsoever join our panel discussion on the geopolitics behind melting ice caps in the Arctic.

Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv

Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv is a Professor of Critical Peace and Conflict Studies at UiT The Arctic University of Norway and an authority on hybrid threats and warfare, civil-military conflicts, counterinsurgency, civilian agency, human security, and Arctic security. Ms. Hoogensen’s research focuses on the interaction between perceptions of state and human security in various contexts, particularly civil-military interaction and Arctic perceptions of security. Ms. Hoogensen is also on the board of the International Arctic Science Committee, and has contributed to several books. For her work on the Arctic, Ms. Hoogensen was one of the first to be awarded the Fulbright Arctic Initiative fellowship (2015-2016). At our event, we are honored to have Ms. Hoogensen join our panel discussion on the geopolitics behind melting ice caps in the Arctic.

Christian Le Mière

Christian Le Mière is an expert on peace, security, foreign policy, and strategic risk  analysis and consulting for various governments and multinational corporations. Mr. Le Mière is the founder and managing director of Arcipel, a foreign policy strategic advisory consultancy that counsels corporate and government leaders to assist them in managing disruption, growth, and change. Previously, Mr. Le Miere worked as Managing Editor at the think-tank Jane’s Information Group, leading a team of risk analysts while editing and managing various publications. Notably, Mr. Le Miere also worked as a Senior Fellow of naval forces and maritime security at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). At our event, we are honored to have Mr. Le Miere join our panel discussion on the geopolitics behind melting ice caps in the Arctic.

For more information about the different themes of the event, click here!

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