A Middle Eastern NATO

Why has the Middle East failed to form a military alliance so far? Are regional security and political alliances more realistic and what are the pros and cons?

NATO in Africa

Over the past years, the U.S. and several other nations such as France and the Netherlands in Mali have maintained a counterinsurgency presence in several African countries. Given that the African population is expected to grow continually, and the increasing efforts of Russia and China in the region, should NATO establish an increased presence in […]

NATO in the Artic

With regional challenges resulting mostly from globalisation and climate change, how can NATO – a military organisation – contribute to stabilising the Arctic region if its major challenges are non-military?

NATO In Arctic

The protection of a State border is often seen as a guarantee of safety for those people living in its territory. However, it has been observed that the Arctic region is demonstrating some aspects can be affected negatively by the enforcement of border. This has been seen with the land fragmentation of Indigenous land in […]

NATO in the Arctic

Would there be a shift in focus in regards to theatres of operations for NATO members? Would other places in the world (the middle east, North Africa) receive less focus over time as the Arctic becomes more open?

NATO in the Arctic

As we currently stand, which countries are the best prepared in regards to commencing operations in the arctic?

NATO in the Arctic

NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg said a few days ago in an interview that they’ve noticed an increased presence of China in the Arctic region which is why he wants NATO to engage with China on multiple issues such as battling climate change. Today (24 March) however, Stoltenberg stated that he vows to back Australia in its […]

NATO in China

Knowing that NATO was originally founded with the purpose of territorial defence, how realistic would a focus on China, which is far away from that territory, be?

NATO in the Arctic

What do the speakers think about NATO’s Arctic capabilities? Do they have enough icebreakers? Do they have sufficient exercises in the region?