Defensity College: Wargame experience: conflict in Ukraine

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As part of the symposium “Challenges on all fronts”, JASON Institute and Defensity College are organizing an online wargame about the conflict in the Ukraine on April 9 (13:00 – 15:00).

As a participant, you place yourself in one of the (warring) parties and you experience how difficult it is to resolve the conflict.

When conflicts escalate, intervention is inevitable. In this real live simulation you take on the role of one of the players in the Ukraine conflict and you must use all your strategic and political skills to make it right.

The wargame is guided online by the experts and military working students of Defensity College. The wargame provides insight into:
– The layered complexity of the conflict in the Ukraine and the (state) actors who play an important role in it.
– The relationship between diplomacy, political decision-making and the deployment of armed forces.
– The action perspective of humanitarian organizations in a conflict area

Defensity College is the working student program of the Dutch Ministry of Defense. As a military working student, you have a paid part-time job of 8 to 16 hours per week in which you carry out assignments that suit your field of study and interests. With your work, you contribute to peace and security in the Netherlands and abroad, while your studies always remain paramount.

*NOTE: Only a limited number of seats will be available for this game, so if you would like to join make sure you check your availability and register in time. Registration is easy: click the “Register” button below, fill in the required information and make sure you click the button next to “Yes, I would like to participate in the DC Game”. Once complete, you will have successfully registered for both the game and the rest of the programme. We will take care of the rest!

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