The moment we have all been waiting for! Join us now at the JASON Institute 45th anniversary conference. Go to https://jasoninstitute.squares.live and join our virtual conference. (If you have registered before April 8th at 12:00PM, then you have received an instruction email on how to register on our online platform (Squares). Please check your spam folder). […]

Registration is closed, but…

Registration via our anniversary website (https://anniversary.jasoninstitute.com) has now closed. Check your email for instructions on how to access our online conference platform. Not yet registered? No worries! Tomorrow from 8.30am onwards you can go to https://jasoninstitute.squares.live/login and contact our helpdesk. They will help you get access!

One more step…

You’ve got mail!* There is only one more step to complete your registration. An instruction email has been sent to you with information about the registration on https://jasoninstitute.squares.live/register. Please check your SPAM BOX. Without registration on Squares (link above), you do not have access to the online platform on April 9th. Have you not received […]

Cartoonist Announcement!

Jeroen van der Liende We are happy to welcome Jeroen van der Liende from Visuele Verbinders at our event! Not only will he stay with us the entire day to capture the event in one encompassing drawing, but also, beforehand, he will design three cartoons regarding the different regions, which we will touch upon during […]

Moderator of the event!

We are happy to announce the moderator of the jubilee event: Dieuwertje Kuijpers Dieuwertje Kuijpers is a freelance journalist and an expert on defense, security, and foreign policy. She obtained her PhD at the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam (VU), researching risk assessments by Western democracies when confronted with losses during military interventions. Currently, gives courses […]

Coffee Corner

Meet, chat & connect Our jubilee conference makes networking fun and easy! As you know, our 45th anniversary will take place completely online through an online conference platform specially created for the JASON Institute. We are excited to announce that this platform will also include a coffee corner where participants can meet for a virtual […]

Speakers China

It’s time to announce the speakers on the region China! We are honored to welcome to our anniversary event: Rosemary Gibson Rosemary Gibson is an American award-winning author and expert in health care and health care reform, Medicare, patient safety, overtreatment medicine and Western dependence on Chinese medicine. Ms. Gibson’s critically acclaimed works include China […]

Speakers Arctic

It’s time to announce the speakers on the region Arctic! We are honored to welcome to our anniversary event: Carola van Rijnsoever Carola van Rijnsoever is an expert in the fields of sustainability and European politics, particularly geopolitics, with extensive experience in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ms. van Rijnsoever has worked in a […]

Speakers Africa

It’s time to announce the speakers on the continent Africa! We are honored to welcome to our anniversary event: Sophia Ugwu Sophia Ugwu is the Founder and Chairperson of the Center for African Justice, Peace, and Human Rights, an organization that works to build communal capacities and strengthen peace, human rights, and justice on the […]

Chantal de Jonge Oudraat

Chantal de Jonge Oudraat is an expert in a variety of fields including women and gender in international relations, peace and security, and arms control and disarmament. Since 2013, Ms. De Jonge Oudraat has served as President of Women in International Security, an organization dedicated to furthering the leadership and professional development of women in […]